Frequently Asked Questions

  • How often should the filter in the heater be cleaned?

    I recommend 3 to 4 times per year. A clean filter allows the system to work efficiently and can extend the life of the unit.

  • How do I clean the filter?
    First, locate the filter. It will be located at the base of the heater or behind the return air register vent. The front panel of the heater snaps off and can be snapped back into place. The return air register vent will open by pinching side clips. The filter sits in either compartment and can be removed by pulling forward.

    The filter will either be a cardboard filter that will need to be replaced or a washable fiberglass type filter that can be cleaned with water. If there is dirt and dust preventing you from seeing through the filter, it’s time to change or clean.

    Cardboard filters are less expensive but not as convenient as the fiberglass type. Either filter when properly maintained is effective and can be provided during a service call or purchased at most home improvement stores.

  • How often does my air conditioner or heater require service?

    Properly maintaining filters will help avoid service calls. Air conditioning systems and heaters do not require monthly or yearly maintenance under ordinary circumstances. Following manufacture guidelines will help your systems last for many years.

  • Do I need to have the freon level in my air conditioner checked every year?

    A freon charge is completed when a new unit is installed and should last the lifetime of the system. If the freon level tests low, it is likely there is a line leak that requires professional attention.

  • How do I tell if my air conditioner is low on freon?

    Indication of a low freon level is the systems inability to cool efficiently. The unit will have to be inspected by a professional to determine the exact problem.

  • What other problem may cause my air conditioner to not cool properly?

    It can be as simple as a dirty filter or as complicated as a bad compressor. If the filter checks out then the latter may be a possibility. This is another instance where a professional will have to be contacted.

  • The outside unit won’t turn on when I turn the air conditioner on at the thermostat. What’s wrong?

    The problem may be the circuit breaker in your homes breaker box or there may be a more serious problem with the system. Call a professional before attempting any troubleshooting.

  • My heater will not turn on or it’s blowing cold air. What’s wrong?

    Do not attempt to resolve this problem yourself. A natural gas system is nothing to fool with. Call a professional immediately.

  • What is the best way to effectively use my air conditioner or heater?

    I recommend setting the thermostat at a desired temperature, usually 77 to 78 degrees for the air conditioner and 68 to 70 for the heater, then leave the unit on auto. This way the system will circulate on and off throughout the day maintaining a steady temperature. Turning the system on during the hottest or coldest part of the day makes the unit work hard and use more energy.

Dave always recommends contacting a professional if your air conditioning or heating system is not meeting the needs of your home.

This information is meant to educate not encourage self diagnosing.